Goal Forest Poster- Visual Communication







For the final Assessment in Visual Communication we had to design a personal goals poster. It had to include ten goals, either short or long term goals that we wanted to achieve and work towards while completing this course. Since I also want to be a filmmaker a lot of my goals are to do with that. We were also allowed to throw in a couple that didn’t have anything to do with our careers. Like TRAVEL!!! Which I shall be doing next year.

Either way I like the artwork around the writing. I might do a version without text at some point  because I love the concept of lightbulbs hanging along a forest path… Gives me ideas for films too….

Anyway, this is a bit personal, but hey no one reads these anyway. (if you do read this, then leave a comment and I’ll be proved completely wrong) Again this is done in Adobe Illustrator CS6.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 12.46.58 pm



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