Collage Face- An exercise in Texture

This week for one of my subjects I had to create a collage portrait using torn paper from old magazines. IT TOOK FOREVER, But I am quite happy with the result. I documented the process because I was interested to see how the face would take shape out of the tiny bits of coloured paper. (apologies for the crappy quality photos, Lazy me was only using Le iPhone, I haven’t scanned in the final product either) I had to pay attention to colour and tone to try and define the facial features.

Here is the image I was working off: I may have been a little ambitious but I had a lot of purple colours from my magazines that I wanted to use.

Face for magazine


The initial sketch, mapping out the colours etc.









My materials (I couldn’t find that many magazines but I managed to find enough shiny coloured paper things lying around)


The face begins to take shape:


George even helped me rip up the paper … well at least he provided entertainment.




More of the background beginning to take shape


And the final thing!



Not too bad for a days work. Though my back was killing me by the end of it. Next time I work at a table.


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