What is partnership publishing?

What is partnership publishing? In partnership publishing, the  publisher works with the author to produce their book, so that the author has the support of an experienced publisher (hopefully one who can guarantee quality) and the control of a self-publisher without the hassle of doing it themselves.  It can take various forms, sometimes with a submission process and sometimes without, but it is not vanity publishing. The author is a partner in every step of the process and retains control of the final product.

A good analogy is that of house building.

Vanity publishing is like a house and land package from a big building corporation. You pay your money and they deliver the house you choose from their brochure. It will look good at first glance, but if you look closely, you may find things that aren’t quite up to standard and you’ll have a hard job getting the company to do anything about it.

Self-publishing is like building your own home. Some, or a lot—depending on your skills—you will do yourself, and you will find and employ subcontractors in various fields to help you out. You will also work out the amount of materials you need, and order and take delivery of them yourself. It’s very time consuming, you need a lot of skills and you can’t guarantee the quality unless you’re a carpenter yourself.

Partnership publishing is like employing a builder to oversee the building process. They work from your plans, chose and organise the subcontractors, calculate the materials needed and so on. They also make sure that the contractors do their job properly. They give you a quote based on what you want, but can alter what they’re doing to suit you as the building progresses.

Legacy publishing is like winning a lottery for a dream house. They’ll put your furniture in it but you won’t have any control over the house itself.

The quality of books published with the partnership publishing model will vary depending on the commitment to excellence of the publisher, the quality of their subcontractors and whether or not books must pass through a submission process.

Catapult Press is a partnership publisher with a subscription process.

  • We offer the control of self-publishing and the quality of mainstream publishing without the author having to do it all themself. We take the hassle out of self-publishing, but not the control.
  • Authors pay only for services rendered.
  • We also assist the author to produce the best possible product even if we choose not to publish the book ourselves.
  • Authors will have control over the completed ebook prices and management.

The process is as follows:

  • The author submits a query and the first 3 chapters for editorial review.
  • We will either reject the book outright or give the author the opportunity to engage the company for a manuscript appraisal.
  • After the appraisal, the book will be either rejected, or accepted for publication, or we may give the author the option to rework it and engage the company for line editing. After which we will re-evaluate.
  • If we decide we do not want to publish the book, the author may still take up our editing and book cover services.
  • If accepted, we will note the author’s ideas and a rough quote for services drawn up.
    • The amount charged will depend on:
      • The state of the manuscript
      • The degree of complexity in formatting and cover.
      • Whether or not the author requires a paperback as well as an ebook.
    • If you wish not to use our cover artist, you can engage your own.
    • Generally, the complete package will be less than $3,000 USD.
  • The cover artist will draw up a rough draft for the author’s consideration.
  • The book will be line edited and returned to the author for correction.
  • The book will be copy edited by a different editor and returned to the author for correction.
  • The book will be proof read by a different editor.
  • The cover and formatting will be completed for ebook.
  • The author will received final ebook files for them to upload themselves, along with an easy to edit and reformat file. Further major editing changes will have to be approved by our editors.
  • We will publish the paperback only after the ebook comes out. Catapult press set the prices and take 30% of royalties for paperbacks. We take nothing from ebook sales.
  • Catapult Press will announce the book’s publication in their social networks, and provide an Awesome Indies review, but marketing is entirely the author’s concern.


Our aim for authors who pass our submission process is to give them the same control as a self-publisher but with a guaranteed quality outcome and at a very reasonable price.


How does this sound?

If you’re interested visit the Catapult Press Submissions page.

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