A revamp and a resurrection: kittens, categories and music.

What’s new?

We have a kitten in the house.

And …

on printer

Some time ago I said that I wasn’t going to be posting on this site anymore, but luckily things change and since I have now completed my major writing project –  my series of 4 new adult fantasy novels –  I have time for my other areas of interest and expertise.

Also my daughter Kimberley Rose has begun a book cover business and our school resources department has expanded, so the website is undergoing some renovation and I will be posting more posts. I’ve also drawn  the different aspects of our business together into one place so there will be several threads to the blog, but if you’re only interested in one aspect, then click the comment button on a post and at the bottom you’ll see ‘follow these topics.’ Click on the category you’d like to follow and you’ll just get notified of posts on those topic.

As you may have gathered this is a family business. You’ll be seeing more in video and digital art from Kimberley Rose, and I hope to encourage the man of the family to contribute some of his wonderful psybient music to the mix.

Here’s a taste.



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