Looking for anti-bullying resources? Double award-winning YA novel only 99c on Kindle this week.

Shatter5.1 rough 

This entertaining and self-empowering YA novel is a great find if you’re looking for anti-bullying resources – and it’s only 99c this week.  If you’re a teacher and you like it, we can deliver a class set to your school anywhere in the world. More details on  our Anti-bullying books page.


 I was awed  . . .  Tahlia Newland’s fiction is some of the best YA on the market … in Newland’s deft hands, this novel is an absorbing, educational read, that both satisfies and gives hope to adults and younger readers alike.’ Melissa, reviewer for Blibliotica Book Reviews.

‘An entertaining and uplifting read.’ Linda Gillard, best selling author of ‘A House of Silence’.

‘This is a story about understanding, kindness and compassion, uniquely told with surreal fantasy elements, and is both entertaining and thought-provoking.’ Kevin Berry, author of ‘Dragon’s Away.’

‘This is a book that all young adults should read. It is also a great book for parents and educators who may need a fresh look into teen struggles and bullying. . . . Tahlia does a brilliant job making an otherwise tedious topic fun and relatable for readers. This book will make you think and really reflect on the subject at hand. The writing style was enjoyable and fluid. Although short in length, this book contains a powerful message and the author manages to drive this message home without over doing it. You are left feeling complete and some what light.’ Jill Marie, reviewer for Little Hyats Book Reviews


Sixteen-year-old Carly is set to become top of her art class until bully-boy Justin gives her a vicious payback for standing up for one of his victims. Her boyfriend, karate-trained nerd Dylan, wants to smash the guy’s face in, but a fight at school means suspension, losing his chance at school honours and facing a furious father. Carly is determined to find a more creative solution to her problem, but will she sort it out before Dylan’s inner caveman hijacks him and all hell breaks loose?

Justin might be a pain, but his harassment leads to a deepening of Dylan and Carly’s romance, and Carly finds an inner strength she didn’t know she had. The magical realism style provides a touch of fantasy in an otherwise very real story that offers heart-warming solutions to bullying. You Can’t Shatter Me is food for the soul. It has received a BRAG Medallion for outstanding fiction and an AIA Seal of Excellence in independent fiction.


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