Il Capitano (The Captain)


A loner, always from somewhere else and so can pretend to be high status. His   downfall to the level of his actual social standing is part of the plot.

Walks with straight back, heels to toes, big strides but small steps or a strut,   preening with the head. Drops everything and runs at any frightening sound,   but only succeeds in running on the spot, head thrown back, arms in the air,   kicking his feet forward and howling piteously. Can also shrink little by little   until he has made himself as unnoticeable as possible, then he scurries away  in a crouch. Extravagant gestures.

Bass voice until scared, then a squeak.   Can be Politic- If the Turks invade he becomes a Turk . Or he’s a total coward,   shits himself and plays dead. Or he’s really courageous but is a danger only  to himself and his own side when he fights. Thinks he’s good looking and God’s   gift to women. Always pretentious, thinks he’s strong, handsome, brave and a   hell of a good guy. Full of wind.

Employed by Pantalone to do his dirty work for him. Wary of Pedrolino’s genuine  knowledge and understanding of life and of Columbine’s plain speaking. Salutes   the audience so he can be admired but always gives himself away on the first   entrance by a trip or something. The plot always ‘de- masks’ him, a transformation   from pride to humility, confidence to panic.

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