Mask Marketing

My daughter just came back from Italy. Of course she went to Venice and brought back  some of those little masks made for tourists. When in Venice, you buy masks. They are all variations on traditional designs and beautiful of course, perfectly done. But, oh dear, Australians don’t buy masks, at least not here. Don’t they understand that you can put them on your wall?

I’ve decided that the last market I’ll be doing will be the Berry Market in November.  Marketing masks via that outlet, even in a craft market like Berry, just hasn’t worked. I had one sale in one year. I could have continued as I was with the balloons providing the income to cover the costs, but that was all it was doing. Any business person knows you can’t go on like that.  So.. what have I found to be the best way to market my masks.

Schools buy the Commedia Masks. Brochures sent to schools in Australia usually get a flurry of orders, about 5 or 6 orders each time. It makes it worth it. I had an enquiry via the website too, so that was heartening.


I prefer making decorative masks. Ah well. One day I will put some more energy into finding another market for them. The mardi gra in Sydney is a good time for masks, but how to get them out there is the problem. I shall think about that sometime.

Actually my  commedia masks are really very good ones for schools. As a performer and teacher, I know that absolutely. Perhaps it’s time to post out some more brochures. Maybe once I’ve finished this review of my manuscript  for Lethal Inheritance.

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